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Boasting nearly 700 different varieties, Belgium is renowned throughout the world for its beers.

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It could be lager, brown ale, or white, and sometimes flavoured with cherries. Belgium produces no less than 400 different types of this drink made from barley and hops, whose tradition goes back more than 2,000 years. Previously, the fermentation was spontaneous, being done with the yeasts naturally present in the air. Today, only the Cantillon brewery perpetuates this method of manufacture. The other beers are cultured at a low temperature for the lager, and at room temperature for the brown ale. The proportion of hops determines the degree of bitterness, however, this plant is also a natural preservative.

Authorsimage / age fotostock A glass of beer
A glass of beer

Beer lovers will be delighted to holiday in Belgium.

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Belgium's most popular beverage

It's impossible to imagine a stay in Belgium without stopping for a pint of beer!


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