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    Discover The museums in Bruges

    In Bruges, the Groeninge Museum holds six centuries of Flemish painting including "La Vierge au chanoine Van der Paele", Jan Van Eyck's masterpiece. It also holds the collections of the Memling museum, which has been temporarily closed for repair work. Also see: Belgian symbolism and modernism and the collection of contemporary art.

    Olivier Lechat Choco-story

    This museum offers you the chance to discover the different stages in the chocolate-making process.

    Olivier Lechat The Printing Museum
    The Printing Museum

    This museum is found in the Royal Library of Belgium

    Olivier Lechat Manuscripts at the Printing Museum
    Manuscripts at the Printing Museum

    This museum holds manuscripts dating back to the Gutenberg period.

    Olivier Lechat The Diamond Museum
    The Diamond Museum

    The art of diamond-cutting was invented in the 15th century in Bruges.

    Olivier Lechat Bruges' Fine Arts
    Bruges' Fine Arts

    The Fine Arts include the Groeninge Museum and the Arenthuis Museum.