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    Burkina-Faso - Reasons to go

    • © tyler olson / age fotostock

    Burkina-Faso + Landscapes


    Generally, Burkina Faso is the kingdom of the bush and savannah landscapes that are so particular and recognisable, being monotonous and flat. However, some reliefs break this monotony and contribute their beauty to it! In the north of the country, the Oursi dunes give you a foretaste of the discovery of the Sahara.

    The fauna and flora

    The national parks of Burkina Faso are full of a varied fauna that thrives in the large spaces on the savannah of Sahelian Africa.

    Arts and culture

    One of the main characteristics about the culture of Burkina Faso is without a doubt the shared affection the people have for their cultural traditions. Like in many Sub-Saharan African countries, the inhabitants of Burkina Fasso attach great importance to the worship of their ancestors, tales, music, folk dances and artisanry.

    African sages consider oral tradition, which is an important source of history for young Africans, to be the backbone of society. The music and dance that make up a large part of the African way of life are a form of entertainment and a way to express feelings and emotions.

    Numerous cultural events in Burkina Faso bear testimony to the country's belief in the continuity of African art. Held every two years, the Ouagadougou International Art and Craft Fair, the largest arts and crafts exhibition on the African continent, and the Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou are the two largest and most popular cultural events in Africa. National Culture Week is also very important in Burkina Faso and takes place every year in Bobo-Dioulass.


    The coastline stretches over 250 mi. In Sierra Leone, you will discover some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of West Africa. Besides Freetown and the Turtle Islands, the other coastal areas are essentially composed of mangroves.

    Our expert

    Francesca Long Section editor

    Burkfina Faso may be one of the poorest countries in the world, but what it lacks economically it definitely makes up in culture. Its residents are always warm and welcoming and if you can try and sit in on a famous tribal storytelling for a truly authentic West African experience. Writer's Easyvoyage profile


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