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    Things to see in Cameroon

    By Dmitry Petrounin Dmitry Petrounin Section editor Profile

    The fauna and flora

    The richness of the national parks is one of the strong points in Cameroon. Its reserves actually hold some of the most varied wildlife in the whole of Africa. The majority of the parks are concentrated in the north of the country. The most popular are Bénoué and Wasa, but the parks and reserves of Bouban'djida, Campo, Faro and Dja, also open to the public, are just as interesting.

    Arts and culture

    Cameroon is made up of several independent territories where more than 250 different dialects are spoken, giving the country a very marked cultural identity. These multiple ethnic groups have held onto their own particular culture while adding elements of the shared Cameroon culture, thus each creating their own history. An example of this are the masks, which are used in numerous ceremonies; the techniques used to make them vary from tribe to tribe. While the Doualas prefer to cover them with pearls, the peoples of the north-west cover them with animal skins. Cameroon is also famous for its dances, which, like everything else, vary according to the geographical zone. For example, there are the Buma dances, which are typical of the Pygmies and practised south of the Equatorial forest.