Alberta - Canada

Carson Ganci / age fotostock Alberta, Canada
Alberta, Canada

Alberta is home to countless lakes and rivers. The capital of the province is Edmonton, but Calgary is the city with the highest population.

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In Alberta, the lakes and rivers can no longer be counted. You have to canoe down the river Milk, between sandstone cliffs, to live as at the time of the American Indians. The legendary mountains of the province, the Rockies, are the scenery of fairytales. The clouds touch the earth... This is the case, for example, of the Banff national park, the first created in the country, which has immense peaks, Alpine fields, and endless turquoise lakes: immense nature in the fresh air. In the Jasper national park, a path called the Columbia Icefield Snocoach takes you to the Athabasca glacier, which is pierced by deep blue crevasses. The north of Alberta has become a paradise for fishermen with lakes and rivers filled with yellow pike, perch, trout, and vendace.

Ingram Publishing / age fotostock Relaxing on a lake, Alberta, Canada
Relaxing on a lake, Alberta, Canada

A couple of fisherman unwind in their boat on a river in Alberta, as low cloud partly obscures the view of the fir trees

2010 SuperStock Sunwapta River, Alberta, Canada
Sunwapta River, Alberta, Canada

The Sunwapta River, in Jasper National Park, is a major tributary of the Athabasca River

©Fotosearch / age fotostock Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada
Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada

Payto Lake, in Banff National Park, is fed by a glacier and is part of the Canadian Rockies

©Carson Ganci / age fotostock Winding road, Alberta, Canada
Winding road, Alberta, Canada

An empty road stretches through the autumnal landscape of Alberta

RFcompany / age fotostock Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

A view of the Alberta Rockies taken in autumn


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