The beaches of Cayos - Cuba

© Bruno Morandi The beaches of Cayos, Cuba
The beaches of Cayos, Cuba

The Cayos are three groups of islands in the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. All are within easy reach from Cuba

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The most beautiful white sand beaches are the ones in Cayos. There are three groups of islands: Cayo Largo on the Caribbean sea, Cayo Levisa on the Mexican gulf, and the Cayo Coco archipelago in the Atlantic ocean. Cayo Coco is the 'Robinson Crusoë' version of Varadero. Isolated from the rest of Cuba, linked by a tar road with a toll, these two islands are splendid.

Christopher Timmerman / age fotostock The Cayos Islands
The Cayos Islands

The beaches of Cayos

© Richard Semik / age fotostock The Cuban archipelago
The Cuban archipelago

The beaches of Cayos

© ZOONAR GMBH LBRF / age fotostock The unspoilt beach of Cayos
The unspoilt beach of Cayos

The beaches of Cayos


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