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    Tropical plant species - Dominican Republic

    © OT Republique Dominicaine Flora

    8,000 tropical plant species.

    Discover Tropical plant species

    With approximately 8,000 plant species, the Dominican Republic's flora is clearly very varied. The island boasts 300 varieties of orchids and, depending on the area there are poincianas, royal palms, mangroves, pines and cedars. Without forgetting the very many tropical fruits such as mangos, passion fruits, and plants such as tobacco, sugar cane and manioc.

    © OT Republique Dominicaine A tropical flower
    A tropical flower

    The island is home to 300 varieties of orchid.

    © OT Republique Dominicaine A rich and varied flora
    A rich and varied flora

    Depending on the landscape you'll find flame trees, royal palms, mangrove forests, pines and even cedar trees growing here.

    © OT Republique Dominicaine A profusion of colour
    A profusion of colour

    There are also, of course, very many tropical fruits, such as mangos and passion fruit, and plants such as tobacco, sugar cane and manioc, to be found on the island.

    © OT Republique Dominicaine A very rich flora
    A very rich flora

    The Dominican Republic is home to some 1,800 native flower species.

    © easyFotostock / age fotostock Dazzling colours
    Dazzling colours

    The many varieties of plant found here make for some truly spectacular bouquets.

    The fauna and flora

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