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    Travel blogs France

    Best travel blogs France *

    France is one of the most visited countries in the world and to help you get round our friendly neighbours' convoluted cultural twists and turns, here are some of our favourite blogs on France right from the locals.
    •   Culture
      Life's a Feast

      [ Life's a Feast ]

      by Jamie Schler
      Comments: This American expat has lived in Italy, but now calls France home. Her writing focuses on the intersection of food, family, and culture in her life.  Strong point: The delicious recipes that share stories of her family and life abroad.
    •   Photos
      Little Brown Pen

      [ Little Brown Pen ]

      by Nichole Robertson
      Comments: Do you think Paris is just a monochromatic city of beige and black and grey? Check out this blog to see why you're wrong.  Strong point: The colourful photos all over Paris. It won't fail to brighten your day.
    •   Where to go out
      52 Martinis

      [ 52 Martinis ]

      by Forest Collins
      Comments: If you need advice on cocktails in Paris, this is the definitive blog to consult. Collins has detailed reviews for bars in every part of the city.  Strong point: The new ideas; Collins is always aware of what's just opened and worthwhile.
    •   Food
      Eating Paris

      [ Eating Paris ]

      by Meg Zimbeck
      Comments: Eating Paris is all about the author sharing her favourite places to eat in the French capital. She reviews various restaurants. Good photos.  Strong point: The content is upbeat, informative and unbiased.
    •   Culture
      La Mom

      [ La Mom ]

      by Allison and Stephanie
      Comments: These American expats take you behind the scenes of some of Paris' most fashionable places and events.  Strong point: Their adorable anecdotes about raising French kids
    * Blog authors are accountable for content of the blogs cited above. The views expressed throughout the blogs featured here are those of the authors' and do not necessarily reflect those of Easyvoyage.
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