Bruccio (or brucciu or brocciu) - France

© Poisson d´Avril - age fotostock "The" Corsican cheese
"The" Corsican cheese

This white cheese can be served as a dessert. Just sprinkle on some sugar or honey.

Discover Bruccio (or brucciu or brocciu)

Even though the Corsicans incorporate it into many different recipes, brucciu, known as ?the king of Corsican cheeses?, is not really a cheese.
It is, in fact, a fresh, creamy cottage cheese made using whey, which is then mixed with pure ewe's or goat's milk. It can be enjoyed fresh, as an out-of-season dessert (i.e.: from autumn to spring), or preserved with salt and used later as a filling or topping for all sorts of things: omelettes, ravioli, doughnuts, pies, artichokes and fish.

© Hall - age fotostock Prunes, bacon and bruccio
Prunes, bacon and bruccio

Like feta, bruccio is ideal as an accompaniment to an aperitif. A few prunes, some bacon and some bruccio make for some tasty brochettes!

© Hussenot - age fotostock Corsican Sushi
Corsican Sushi

Like many fresh cheeses, bruccio can be use in many recipes. With fish, it is a pure delight!


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