"The" Corsican cheese
"The" Corsican cheese

This white cheese can be served as a dessert. Just sprinkle on some sugar or honey.

© Poisson d'Avril / age fotostock
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    Discover Bruccio (or brucciu or brocciu)

    Even though the Corsicans incorporate it into many different recipes, brucciu, known as ?the king of Corsican cheeses?, is not really a cheese.
    It is, in fact, a fresh, creamy cottage cheese made using whey, which is then mixed with pure ewe's or goat's milk. It can be enjoyed fresh, as an out-of-season dessert (i.e.: from autumn to spring), or preserved with salt and used later as a filling or topping for all sorts of things: omelettes, ravioli, doughnuts, pies, artichokes and fish.

    Brent HOfacker / 123RF Prunes, bacon and bruccio
    Prunes, bacon and bruccio

    Like feta, bruccio is ideal as an accompaniment to an aperitif. A few prunes, some bacon and some bruccio make for some tasty brochettes!

    Hussenot - age fotostock Corsican Sushi
    Corsican Sushi

    Like many fresh cheeses, bruccio can be use in many recipes. With fish, it is a pure delight!

    Aurélien LAFORET / 123RF
    Bruccio (or brucciu or brocciu)

    Bruccio (or brucciu or brocciu)