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    Hotel Marbella

    Hotel Marbella

    Hôtel 5 star
    Corfu, Greece Agios Ioannis Peristeron
    • SeasideSeaside
    • FamilyFamily
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    • Food and drink 7.25

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    • Location 3.37

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    • Value 7.50

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    • Easyopinions 8.07

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    This is a nice place to spend your holidays! The Marbella opened its doors in 1971 but was transformed many times since, which has allowed it to grow bit by bit. Nowadays, the restorations are undertaken during the annual off-season, from the end of October to early April. The clientele is mostly Belgian and French. The hotel is spacious enough to accommodate people looking for peace and quiet, as well as families, particularly thanks to the children's club.

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