• Hotel Summa Marina Sur

      Summa Marina Sur   -   © L. Asenjo / EASYVOYAGE

    • Hotel Summa Marina Sur

      Summa Marina Sur   -   © L. Asenjo / EASYVOYAGE

    Easyexperts Hotel Summa Marina Sur
    Hôtel 2 star
    Torremolinos, Spain
    • FamilyFamily
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    • Easyexperts 6.05/10

      Rating and opinion given by a member of our team of Easyvoyage experts

    • Location10.00/10

      Mark out of 10 for geographical location

    • Overview6.00/10

      Evaluation of the hotel based on its size, its decoration, the number of rooms, the attractiveness of its architecture and the quality of any swimming pools, lobbies or sport and leisure facilities it may have

    • Accommodation6.00/10

      Evaluation of the quality of the room or suite based on cleanliness, decoration, size, view, services and comfort of bedding

    • Food and drink5.75/10

      Evaluation of the restaurant based on service, atmosphere, quality and presentation of dishes

    • Value7.50/10

      Hotel reviews based on comfort, location and price ratings of its categories

    • Easyopinions-/10

      Rating and comments left by internet users who have stayed in the hotel

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    This is a simple hotel in the heart of a residential neighbourhood. The rooms are decent but the facilities would be greatly improved with some renovations.


    The hotel is located in the traditional fishing district of La Carihuela in Torremolinos, close to Puerto Marina and the neighbouring resort of Benalmádena. It stands in a residential area surrounded by housing units and quiet streets. The La Carihuela neighbourhood provides various culinary offerings, especially when it comes to the small fried fish. The centre of Torremolinos - i.e. San Miguel street, the main thoroughfare that is full of all sorts of shops - is only half a mile from the hotel. Only a mile away is Puerto Marina, a seaside resort of the neighbouring village of Benalmádena, which is full of restaurants, places to party, clothes boutiques, etc.

    To know

    The Summa Marina Sur welcomes a clientele nearly exclusively made up of pensioners in the winter, who are sent here by a specialised travel agency. It's also popular among students during low season. In summer however, it's a place for families, couples, or friends from various countries. Activities and entertainment are organised all year long: dance contests, piano concerts, magic shows, flamenco in the evening, or the gym and makeup workshops during the day. Furthermore, there is a miniclub during high season where several professionals entertain younger guests. However, there is no playground or area specially reserved for children. There are about 15 outdoor parking places charged at a daily fee of £12.


    • Everything is close at hand in this small establishment
    • The rooms are comfortable


    • The cuisine isn't what you would expect from a 3 star establishment
    • Some parts urgently need to be renovated (the fitness centre for example)
    • The welcome by the staff could be improved...
    Overview 6.00/10

    The building's facade seems to date from the 70's, but the interior is a mix of elements from the 90's and today. Generally speaking, the rooms are functional, well lit, and comfortable, if the hotel isn't fully booked that is. The layout is simple enough: an 11 storey building with communal areas on every floor. There is even a doctor's practice on the top floor (because of the large number of retired guests, especially during low season), as well as a sauna (for 2), and something that management has chosen to call a 'jacuzzi', which is little more than a bubble bath. There is also a fitness centre with ancient (and even rusty!) machines. The first floor offers direct access to the street and houses the reception area, the restaurant, the cafe, the swimming pool, the car park, and a conference room.

    Accommodation 6.00/10

    The hotel has a total capacity of around 100 guest rooms, which are all double standard rooms. Spacious and well lit, they boast modern wooden furniture (which stands out against the other furniture, especially that in the restaurant, which is a lot older) that blends in nicely with the colours chosen for the curtains and tapestries (bright red). All of the rooms face the sea but you won't be able to admire it if your room is on the lower levels. They all include a safe that you can use for a daily charge of £2.5 after having paid a deposit of about £9. Your stay will be all the more enjoyable thanks to other details like the hair dryer, the phone, and the small television set.

    Food and drink 5.75/10

    The Summa Marina Sur buffet restaurant offers international cuisine. It's a small display of dishes including meat with gravy, grilled fish, salads, soups, pasta, seasonal fruit, creme caramel, ice cream, etc. It's remarkable neither for its quality nor its variety, but the food is decent enough, although it could be improved to meet the standards of a 3 star establishment. The room where all 3 daily meals are served is well lit, with just about enough room to accommodate a fully booked hotel. Drinks are not included.

    Beach 6.50/10

    The closest beach to the hotel is La Carihuela, just 350m away. To get there, you have to cross several busy roads that can be quite busy, but it's a nice stroll down a gentle slope. The return journey is quite different! The beach is large, with clean dark sand, and the water is clean most of the year. In the surrounding area there are many restaurants, bars, and cafés for a tasty breakfast or a drink while admiring the view.

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