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AGEFotostock Hiking

It is always worth trying to get off the beaten track.

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AGEFotostock Observing the animal life
Observing the animal life

Exploring Bali's natural surroundings can result in surprising encounters.

AGEFotostock Crossing Bali's rice terraces
Crossing Bali's rice terraces

To get to the heart of the island, follow the paths alongside the rice terraces.

AGEFotostock Unspoilt Bali
Unspoilt Bali

Bali can sometimes seem a little overcrowded, so head inland to recharge your batteries in peace and solitude.

AGEFotostock Waterfalls

They are integral feature of Bali's natural scenery.

AGEFotostock Bali, a land of adventure
Bali, a land of adventure

Bali has many things to offer visitors, including incredible nature walks.

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