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    • Malgorzata Pakula / 123RF

      Ravenna, Italy
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    Emilia-Romagna in pictures + Ravenna

    • Ravenna

      The magic of Ravenna lies in the Byzantine splendour which still lingers here and the remains of its ancient past, from when it represented a crossroads ... Discover Ravenna

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    Destination overview

    Emilia Romagna is a pleasant and charming region. Triangular in shape, separating the north of the country from the southern central region, it is starting to experience the same levels of heat as Italy's more southern regions. When you've had enough of the art and culture side of things, why not head out to the Romagnola Coast, if you're visiting in the summer, for some fun and relaxation. Foodies meanwhile will be spoilt for choice in Bologna, Modena and Parma.


    • +  The wines and the food
    • +  The cities of art


    • -  The stifling heat experienced in cities like Bologna in August
    • -  Prices can be pretty high in some places
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      Production areas for Parmigiano Reggiano can be found in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Mantua. From the earth to the forage the cows are fed, not forgetting the water and the climate, everything contributes to maintainig the highest quality. This cheese has been produced here since ancient times and if you'd like to see the production methods for yourself, you can visit one of the area's many dairies.

      This product dates back to the days of Hannibal, who, after the battle of the Trebbia in 217 B.C., was welcomed to Parma with a banquet of ?salted pork thighs'. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to producing Parma ham. It is matured in the appropriate environment, known as the 'baliatici'. The opening and closing of windows in this particular environment is regulated in such a way that slight drafts of air are able to dry the meat whilst ensuring that the typical sweet taste of Parma ham is developed.

      You cannot possibly leave Bologna without having tried its culinary specialties. The city itself is referred to as ?the fat one' not because of its heavy cuisine, but as a way of expressing its joie de vivre and love of good food. Some of its specialities include homemade egg pasta, as used in the wonderful tagliatelle bolognaise prepared with the typical ?ragù', tortellini in broth, and mozzarella sandwiches.

      The secret of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, produced from the must of cooked grapes from the Modena region, lies in its slow maturing process (in an appropriate place in the attic), which can take up to 50 years. The particular temperatures guaranteed by the climate in this part of the country are a key factor in making this vinegar what it is, and enhance its characteristic sweet taste. There are numerous places where vinegar is made in Modena and the surrounding areas. Drops of it are usually used in risottos, on shavings of parmesan or even with fruit. Modena is also famous for its good wines. Don't forget to try a glass of the excellent Lambrusco DOC whilst you're here.

      Emilia-Romagna: Sightseeing

      Areas in Italy

      Cities in Emilia-Romagna

      Emilia-Romagna in pictures

      • Palace of the Podesta, BolognaAdriano Rubino / 123RF

        Bologna : Palace of the Podesta, Bologna - Italy
      • Palazzo d'Accursio, BolognaAnna Karus / 123RF

        Bologna : Palazzo d'Accursio, Bologna - Italy
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      • Bologna : Palace of the Podesta, Bologna - Italy
      • Bologna : Palazzo d'Accursio, Bologna - Italy
      • Bologna : Bologna la Dotte, or the 'Learned' - Italy
      • Bologna : Bologna la Rossa, or the 'Red' - Italy
      • Bologna : The Two Towers, Bologna - Italy
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      Emilia-Romagna in pictures

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        Emilia-Romagna Weather

        4-day weather forecast
        •  Emilia-Romagna Weather Bologna 19°C | 29°C 29°C22°C29°C32°C
        •  Emilia-Romagna Weather Rimini 21°C | 28°C 28°C27°C28°C30°C


        AUGUST: Emilia-Romagna price for a week

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