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    Piedmont, a region of mountains, lakes and plains, along with good wine and quality food, is one of the main winter tourist destinations in Italy. The high quality facilities and steep downhill slopes make this region a skiing paradise. As well as sport and nature, there are plenty of cultural attractions to be found in the various towns. Turin, which hosts internationally famous events and boasts prestigious museums, offers the opportunity to indulge your interests in art and history, all the way from antiquity to the contemporary era.

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    • +The cuisine (cheeses) and wines
    • +It is an easy destination to reach


    • -The winter is harsh
    • -The domestic tourist industry is not very developed

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    Plunged into mist and fog during the winter, the landscape around Vercelli reveals itself in the summer as a large expanse of water covered with zigzagging dirt paths, upon which it is not unusual to see rice pickers passing by on bicycles early in the morning. For centuries, life in these regions was shaped around the various stages involved in rice farming. More than 100 varieties of the crop are produced in the province of Vercelli. From Baldo to Arborio, not to mention Nuovo Maratelli and Sant'Andrea, each and every one of them is used to prepare a variety of dishes, including soups, risotto, doughnuts, and rice cakes.

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