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© Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice Mauritian cuisine, Mauritius
Mauritian cuisine, Mauritius

Mauritian cuisine is extemely vast and everyone has their own twist on traditional dishes.

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Mauritian cuisine has been shaped by all of the different populations living on the island. Having said that, it is primarily based on a type of curry served with most meat, fish and even vegetable dishes. 'Rougaille', a sauce made using a variety of local tomato, onions, garlic and other condiments, can also be served as an accompaniment to all dishes. You'll also find here certain specialities from other lands, such as the Indo-Muslim biryani (a rice-based dish) and the Chinese 'mine frit' (fried noodles). When it's time for dessert, go for the 'napolitaine', a pastry formed of two biscuits filled with guava preserve, all wrapped in a candy pink coating!

© Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice Fresh produce, Mauritius
Fresh produce, Mauritius

The products here are of extremely high quality. Most Mauritians tend to buy their ingredients from the market.

© Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice Spices, Mauritius
Spices, Mauritius

The base of the cuisine is Indian, hence all those lovely spices. However, there is an island twist!

© Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice Leitchis, Mauritius
Leitchis, Mauritius

Leitchis are extremely popular in the summer in Mauritius. They grow on trees in abundance all over the island.

© Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice Spice mix, Mauritius
Spice mix, Mauritius

A range of spices are used in Mauritian cuisine, with the prominent ingredient being chili!

© Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice Fresh juices, Mauritius
Fresh juices, Mauritius

Mauritius is lucky in that a wie variety of fruit is grown here, especially pineapple.

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