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    Discover Mountains

    The peaks of Mauritius are not as high as those of neighbouring Reunion Island, but they are however fun to hike around. Near Saint-Louis, Pieter-Both, Pouce and Mount Signaux form a protective circle around the capital city. Lost in the midst of the hills, many beautiful waterfalls can be visited for a refreshing swim. Rochester falls, near Souillac, reveal a rock formation shaped into stairs by the water. In the south, the trail of the Rivière Noire Gorges gives a unique view over the whole southern part of the island.

    Wilfried Louvet The moutains of Mauritius
    The moutains of Mauritius

    Mauritius has lots of relief to explore, from Rivière Noire to the 'Pouce' (thumb, in English).

    Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice The central plateau, Mauritius
    The central plateau, Mauritius

    The central plateau is actually the sides of the volcano that created the island. Today it is called Trou aux Cerfs and is open to tourists.

    Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice The Mountains, Mauritius
    The Mountains, Mauritius

    Mauritius has three mountain ranges that are characterised by its basalt faces.

    Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice The Morne, Mauritius
    The Morne, Mauritius

    The peninsula of the Morne culminates at 556 metres. The drive up is memorable for its sharp twists and turns, but also for its incredible views.

    Bamba Sourang / OT Ile Maurice The summits, Mauritius
    The summits, Mauritius

    The highest peak culminates at 828 metres, over the Rivière Noire area.