Costa Rica considering banning plastic to protect its enviroment

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Renowned for its incredible ecosystem as well as the initiatives to preserve it, Costa Rica is on the verge of making a historic decision which would see plastic banned from its territory by 2021.

The ban would see plastic waste vanish from the country's beaches

The ban would see plastic waste vanish from the country's beaches

If there is one country that sets an example in terms of the preservation of the environment, it's Costa Rica! The small Central American state can already boast of several remarkable achievements. Recently, a vast campaign against fossil fuels had taken the entire country by storm. Local authorities responded in a way that may seem rather alien to some of us by listening to the public's demands and acting on them. The government went on to prove that the entire country can be supplied with electricity from renewable sources. The experiment's outcome was impressive to say the least - the entire country electrical needs were met for nearly 285 days using only sustainable energy sources.

Costa Rica's fight to protect its environment did not stop there! To celebrate World Environment Day, which took place June 5, the state of 5 million inhabitants took a new decision that could easily go on to upset the established order of things. By 2021, any object manufactured from plastic will be banned from its territory - a move which demonstrates a willingness to act quickly and effectively in order to protect an already fragile ecosystem.

Instead of plastic, items will have to be made from biodegradable or renewable materials, which are considered to be less harmful to the environment. It should be added that Costa Rica has 27 natural parks and 6% of the world's biodiversity, making it a treasure in need of urgent protection.

This article was originally published in French.

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