Ryanair increases hold luggage weight allowance

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Society Posted on 21/06/2010

Yes, Ryanair is giving more, but before you raise your eyebrows in surprise, of course, this 'gesture' comes at a cost; and a heavy one at that. Passengers using the low-cost airline can now check-in 20kg of hold luggage as opposed to the meagre 15kg previously authorised. However this comes at a cost: for the 20kg hold luggage expect to pay a whopping 50 per item per return flight. The 15kg items will still cost 30 per return flight. Beware though as these prices only apply to passengers having checked their luggage in online - if you forget to do it and want to check-in luggage at the airport be prepared to pay a huge 70 per 15kg bag per retrun flight and 90 for a 20kg bag per return flight.

Ryanair has also announced its plan to increase hold luggage check-in prices over the summer (July-August). So better get saving early of you're planning a family trip!

TIP: When booking with Ryanair, pay in Euros if you can as it is cheaper! While British passengers pay 15 to check in luggage, other European travellers pay 15 Euros.

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