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    The valley of the Sepik

    Papua New Guinea
    By Dmitry Petrounin Dmitry Petrounin Section editor Profile

    Discover The valley of the Sepik

    The Sepik is often compared to the Amazon or the Congo river. It is a gigantic river, a world apart, to be explored with the fascination it inspires, particularly its basin and various tributaries. Some agencies organize cruises on comfortable boats, such as the Melanesian Discoverer, and have pleasant camping sites with good amenities, such as the Karawari Lodge. It is also possible to charter a motor pirogue or find a seat on a local goods transportation ship (rather unpredictable). Leaving from Wewak, on the North coast, you can reach the Sepik's middle valley on the road to Angoram or Pagwi. A simpler solution, although more expensive, is to fly to Amboin or Ambunti. The most interesting part of the Sepik is in the region of the Chambri lakes and the Kawari river.