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    Discover Cirque de Salazie

    Leaning against the north side of Piton des Neiges, the cirque de Salazie has an average altitude of 3,280 ft. The famous Hell-Bourg village, which is classed as the most beautiful village of all the French overseas territories, is nestled there. Surrounded by particularly spectacular crenellated summits, its name does not come from the English word ?hell' but from the surname of an old governor of the island. In the village, it is possible to visit some of the historic Creole houses, including the Folio house which dates back to 1870. It still displays its own period furniture, and still belongs to the descendants of the original owners.

    © Isabelle Rozenbaum / age fotostock A hot spring
    A hot spring

    Salazie once had a hot spring located at Hell Bourg. Nowadays, if you wish to test the water, head for the waterfalls.

    ©Gil GIUGLIO Hotels in Salazie
    Hotels in Salazie

    This Cirque is aimed at ecotourism. It has 3 hotels and many guest houses.

    Michael Fischer - age fotostock Piton d'Anchaing
    Piton d'Anchaing

    Full of history, Piton d'Anchaing rises from the centre of Cirque de Salazie like a watchtower and provides a habitat for giant bamboo.

    Bjul / 123RF The local people
    The local people

    The inhabitants of the Cirque, known as 'Salaziens', number just over 7,000.

    Atamu Rahi - age fotostock Colonial houses
    Colonial houses

    A few buildings, including this hotel, are built in the colonial style typical to the islands.