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    Grand Brűlé - Réunion

    Richard Semik/ age fotostock Le Grand Brűlé

    Le Grand Brűlé

    The area called Le Grand Brűlé is on the east coast, where lava covers the land.

    Discover Grand Brűlé

    Between Tremblet and Piton Sainte Rose, on the eastern part of the island, Grand Brűlé is Piton de la Fournaise's lava spillway which means that lava flows regularly block the National 2 main road which runs along the sea. For every major eruption of the volcano (every 10 or 20 years), a portion of the road disappears under the molten rock and is rebuilt as soon as the lava has solidified. All around, the landscape has a luxuriant lunar appearance where the piles of shiny black rubble contrast with the bright green forests. Hikers should not miss the walk which departs from Pointe de la Table.