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    Discover Birds of prey and other animals in Saja-Besaya

    Cantabria is the cradle of numerous bird species, which include birds of prey, vultures, and 'alimoches' (Egyptian vultures). As far as birds of prey are concerned, all of the main species are found in Saja-Besaya Natural Park, in the central part of the Cantabrian hinterland, an area riddled with rivers and inhabited with numerous animals. Among other species found at Saja-Besaya are brown bears, wolves, wood grouse, otters, hares, various types of partridges, etc. The cultural wealth of the villages located in the surroundings (although Bárcena Mayor is the only municipality lying within the park) only complements the beauty of the natural park, one of the most popular in Cantabria. This magnificent setting has attracted numerous cultures over the years: the 'castros' (fortified camps), dolmens, ruins, as well as the remains of the Roman road, stand as silent witnesses of this region's history.

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