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The Brown Bear

A widespread species that is one among the 8 bear species living on the planet.

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Spain has more than 80 brown bears living in the wild, 20 of which are in Cantabria. This exceptional animal, which generally shelters in the mountains and forests of Cantabria, is endangered as a species because of the region's expanding human population. In spite of all of the efforts that have been made for their protection, the bears are forced to go and live in yet more remote areas. The brown bears of Cantabria are one of the smallest types in the world: a fully grown male weighs approximately 440 lbs. Most of them are situated in the western part of Cantabria and do not usually show themselves. However, other than these wild animals, other brown bears can be found in the various natural parks where they live in relative liberty and are therefore easier to spot.

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Exceptional animals

The brown bear has adapted to various environmental factors, including, habitat, food availability and climate.

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Fighting for survival

In spain, as well as Italy and France, live the European population's most threatened grizzly bear.

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Iberian bears are endangered and face constant threats due to the small size of their population.

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Mountain inhabitants

In Spain there are two populations of bears: one in the Cantabrian Mountains and another in the Pyrenees.

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