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    Discover The abundant underwater fauna

    The Galician coast boasts a very rich marine biodiversity, both along the coastline and offshore. The combination of rocks, water, algae and shipwrecks found in the area make it the ideal habitat for the underwater life of the Galician coast. In some cases, authentic sub-marine forests have formed, attracting hundreds of different species. The amazing sight of the rocky formations closest to the coast is sure to be a big hit with both divers and diving enthusiasts. The biodiversity here is so abundant that it appears as if the sea is throwing molluscs back onto the rocks, though the marine fauna also includes 'carballones', bream and pomfrets as well as all kinds of seafood, the best-known of which is the barnacle. Dolphins, too, are commonly spotted off the Galician coast and generally appear close to the islands and rocks just off the coast. When it comes to cuisine, meanwhile, at the top of the 'must-try' list is the octopus, a very popular element of the local cuisine. Galicia is a real little slice of paradise for seafood-lovers, particularly if you know the best places to eat, such as the popular restaurants in the traditional little fishing villages which have managed to survive to this day.