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    Culture Sweden

    By Dmitry Petrounin Dmitry Petrounin Section editor Profile

    Sweden : Discover the country's culture


    Denmark - Norway - Sweden - Finland (ed. Michelin, coll).


    The twelve symphonies by Sven-Erik Johanson.

    Sweden : Discover the country's history

    Historical dates

    980: Swedish Vikings ally with the Danes.
    1523: King Gustave I Vasa is elected king and founds the Lutheran National Church.
    1611: the dawn of the country's peak of glory under Gustave II.
    1814: Sweden takes over Norway from Denmark under the Kiel Treaty.
    1905: Norway seceded.
    1907: Gustave V becomes the first uncrowned king. It is Swedish socialism
    1950: the reign of Gustave VI begins
    1969: Olof Palme is elected Prime Minister.
    1973: Charles XVI is proclaimed king.
    1976: an election is held and the conservatives are victorious over the social democrats for the first time since 1932 .
    1982: the return of the social democrats and Olaf Palme.
    1986: Olof Palme is assassinated and replaced by Ingvar Carlsson.
    1991: Carl Bild becomes Prime Minister.
    1994: Ingvar Carlsson and the social democrats take power once more after legislative elections. 52.2% of the Swedish population voted for their country to join the European Union.
    1998: the social democrats won elections again and take control of the coalition government.
    1999: the separation of the Church and State is proclaimed. The social democrat Prime Minister, Göran Persson, handed the new translation of the Bible to the Chairperson of Parliament.

    Sweden : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


    1 January: New Year's Day.
    January 2005: Epiphany.
    27 to 30 January 2005: Antiquities Trade Fair at Stockholm.
    27 to 30 January 2005: Snow Festival at Kiruna, the largest in Europe. Reindeer races, ice sculptures, dog sled competitions...
    Viking Race: 50 miles ice skating competition . Departure from Malaren Lake.
    3 to 6 February 2005: Grand Lapp Winter Market at Jokkmokk: Lapp handicrafts, art exhibitions, dancing, concerts and a reindeer festival.
    10 to 13 February 2005: Rally of Sweden at Karlstad

    Vasaloppet: 14 000 skiers cover a distance of 56 miles, from Sälen to Mora.
    25 March 2005: Good Friday.
    28 March 2005: Easter Monday.
    30 April: Walpurgis Night. Large friendship fires all over Sweden. Fireworks and singing to celebrate the return of spring.
    1 May: Labour Day.
    12 to 14 May 2005: Salmon Festival. Fishing contest.
    May 2005: Ascension.
    15 May 2005: Pentecost.
    4 June: 27th Stockholm International Marathon.
    6 June: National Day.
    16 to 18 June 2005: Hultsfred Rock Festival, the largest in Sweden.
    24 June 2005: Feast of Saint John.
    Music around Lake Siljan. Traditional and popular music festival.
    9 to 17 July 2005: Traditional Falun Music Festival at Dalecarlie.
    16 to 23 July 2005: Stockholm Jazz Festival.
    International Opera Festival at Dalhalla.
    3 to 7 August 2005: Gay Pride.
    8 to 14 August 2005: Medieval week in the old city of Visby on Gotland island.
    29 October: Eve of All Saints Day.
    14 October 2004 to January 2005: 'Dreams of Italy' exhibition at Stockholm.
    2 October to 9 January 2005: exhibition dedicated to the works of Andy Warhol, at the Liljevalchs Gallery in Stockholm.
    17 to 27 November 2005: Stockholm International Film Festival.
    10 December 2005: Awarding of Nobel Prizes in Stockholm.
    13 December 2005: Feast of Saint Lucia, the symbol of light. Celebrations throughout the country.
    25 December: Christmas Day.
    26 December: Family Day.