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    • 10 Eggcelent UK spring time spots

      10 Eggcelent UK spring time spots With the bad weather (although not always) starting to make its way out and a number of bank holidays coming up, it's important to get yourself up and outside. Spring isn't just for bird watchers and farmers, with new life sprouting up everywhere, you don't need to be a science nerd to appreciate blossom lined avenues and baby lambs. And although we might slate it sometimes, spring in the UK can really be quite beautiful - so here's our guide on where to go to make the season. By Lara Keay ...Read more

    • 10 places to see before it's too late

      10 places to see before it's too late The idea of a bucket list is things to do and see before you die. However there are several of these kinds of 'must-visit' places that may well die out before you do. Given that many of the most impressive wonders of our world are hundreds if not thousands of years old, it's no great surprise that some of them are starting to show their age. By contrast, it's not just nature that is taking its toll on these magical faraway lands - we humans have a certain amount to answer to as well. Whether it be politics or climate change, melting ice caps or industrialisation, some of the most beautiful regions in the world may soon change forever - so be quick, ...Read more

    • 10 tips on staying healthy on holiday

      10 tips on staying healthy on holiday The whole idea of going on holiday is to relax, indulge and let your hair down. And a holiday wouldn't be a holiday without doing all of those things, but unfortunately they all come at a cost. Partying night after night, eating over-sized portions of rich food and lying in the sun letting your skin fry all day look will soon take its toll on your health - so is it all really worth it for a week of fun in the sun? If you're keen to stay healthy on holiday, instead of coming back looking like a beer-bellied, red lobster, here are our 10 tips for staying happy and healthy whilst you're away.By Lara Keay ...Read more

    • A fine balance: glamping top 10

      A fine balance: glamping top 10 If you want to get back in touch with nature this summer but the traditional camping option seems too rough and rugged, why not go 'glamping' instead? The notion of "camping with glamour" signifies camping without compromising luxury or comfort. Find yourself in nature's heartlands; whether you're perched on a cliff top overlooking the sea or nestled in lush woodland, 'glamping' accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure though; you won't have to worry about sharing the bathroom with a hundred or so other campers! Here's our pick of the top 10 'glamping' sites around the world. Words: Rooksana Hossenally. ...Read more

    • A foodie's top 10 in Spain

      A foodie's top 10 in Spain Anyone who has been to Spain or who has Spanish acquaintances will know how important a place food holds in everyday life on the Iberian Peninsula, with each region having its own wide variety of dishes and drinks. Here, easyvoyage.co.uk looks at the country through its culinary specialities. We have selected 10 emblematic dishes known throughout the world to get your taste buds going. Between paella from Valencia and a pot-au-feu from Madrid, you may well have difficulty deciding where to visit next! ...Read more

    • A fresh Starck to the New Year: our top 10

      A fresh Starck to the New Year: our top 10 Few designers can claim to have had as large an impact on hotels over the last 20 years than Frenchman Philippe Starck. Although irritatingly self-congratulatory (he was recently named one of the biggest meglomaniacs around by Le Point magazine), one cannot deny his unparalleld vision and passion for creating hotels which are not only comfortable and innovative, but which also bring to life new concepts in, and ways of thinking about, travel and accommodation. Here is a selection of his hotels from around the world to give you ideas for New Year's Eve, which is slowly but surely creeping nearer and nearer... ...Read more

    • A holiday on a budget: think quality not quantity

      A holiday on a budget: think quality not quantity The severe austerity that we are going through in the UK at the moment is no secret, especially when you look at your bank balance mid-month and you wonder how you are going to make ends meet let alone how you are going to be able to afford a holiday this year. We have pooled some of our key tips for piecing together a holiday of a lifetime on a shoestring - really. Seeing as you're probably going to shell out for the one holiday this year, think about quality rather than quantity as the aim isn't just finding sun, but with all the stress that comes with ongoing financial problems, we need to start looking at ways of relaxing as much as possible ...Read more

    • A little bit of footballing history

      A little bit of footballing history Not only is football by far the number one sport in the UK, but it is without doubt the most followed sport around the globe. While some of us play the 'beautiful game' regularly, others amongst us content themselves by watching it on TV from the comfort of our sofas. Seeing as there are so many British football fans, we've decided to dedicate a whole Special Report to the phenomenon. Easyvoyage.co.uk gives you 10 of the world's most mythic stadiums; places of great important to football fanatics the planet over having witnessed scenes of ecstasy and despair, achievement and failure, great players and moments of history. So, get ready for the ...Read more

    • A room with view into the wild

      A room with view into the wild This week, we are exploring different destinations offering a view with a difference. Stay right in the heart of the wild, definitely not for the faint-hearted! From the familiar grounds of a farm in Tunisia, to something a little more exotic and stay in a hotel built in an actual zoo in the Canaries. A little further out, we also explore the mangrove and luxuriant forests of Costa Rica where crocodiles roam free among other species. Perhaps your cup of tea is discovering the flamboyant inhabitants of the Kenyan savannah! Whatever takes your fancy, there's something for the whole family, be it the kids, the parents or the grand parents! So embark ...Read more

    • A sporting tour of the planet!

      A sporting tour of the planet! What about making the most of your next holiday by going all healthy and sporty in a truly exotic location? Leave the beer cans behind and head for a real adventure! Easyvoyage heads all over the planet to put together a selection of sporty activities in destinations well worth a visit. Kite surf along the Mozambique savannah, in the Canary Islands or in the Dominican Republic, dune buggy in northeasternast Brazil or through the wild parts of Mozambique, tee off in the Costa del Sol also known as 'Costa del Golf', hike across La Reunion, dive in the Maldives, fish in Senegal, paraglide in Madeira, go white water rafting in Quebec or on the Colorado ...Read more

    • A summer holiday romance...in September

      A summer holiday romance...in September The holidays are over for most and the kids are back to school. So if you didn't head off this summer, there couldn't be a better time to take that well-deserved break with your other half; the crowds have thinned, children are nowhere to be seen, prices are easier on the wallet and most importantly, the weather is still warm. So treat yourselves, start planning your next romantic holiday and prolong your summer! Stuck for inspiration? Here are our top ten picks for a lovers getaway in the sun. By Richelle Harrison Plesse ...Read more

    • A walk down the most expensive streets in the world

      A walk down the most expensive streets in the world Even just walking down these famous world thoroughfares makes ones feel chicer, richer and hipper, never mind having the means to actually go into any of their shops and purchase something. Only the very fortunate will have the privilege of crossing the threshold where an exclusive welcome, luxury objects and prices to match await. The rest of us will have to do with sitting in a coffee shop, for a one or two figure sum only, and gaze at the lucky passersby who can justify a trip to the most expensive streets in the world. Here is our selection of 10 select shopping avenues which separate the mega-wealthy from the mere well-offs! ...Read more

    • A world culinary tour: 10 new horizons

      A world culinary tour: 10 new horizons Local cuisine is an integral part of a trip to many countries and for certain destinations the gastronomy merits the journey itself. Those seeking the highest of standards should choose their hotel with a great amount of care as countries that are not particularly renowned for their cuisine may be hiding some real surprises. So, where is the best place to head off to tickle those taste buds? Below is a (non-exhaustive) selection of 10 destinations where you'll not be able to bear the wait until dinner time, certain to eat well, but each with their own distinctive style. Bon appétit! ...Read more

    • A world of learning experiences, right at your fingertips

      A world of learning experiences, right at your fingertips In a world that is now literally at your fingertips, it's hardly surprising that more and more people are jetting off to explore the remote corners of the earth. Alongside this increased ease of exploration has come the idea of combining a holiday with learning something new. Be it playing an instrument, the history of a particular region, or experimenting with extreme sports, Britons are now discovering the enjoyment that can come from doing something a little different with their time off. It can be relaxing as well as rewarding, and there are thousands of activities and adventures to be had, wherever you fancy spending your holiday. The cold ...Read more

    • Across the Channel: beachside France

      Across the Channel: beachside France French beaches have been proving extremely popular with the British masses since the nineteenth century and their popularity has only increased in the last decade. Boasting mounds of historical sites, a lively family atmosphere, top fitness facilities, chic hangouts and celeb-studded yachts, French beaches have something to cater for all tastes. Some beaches have become known as the original starting place for swimsuit fashion trends (Dinard, Deauville and La Baule), whilst others are well-known for the splendour of high society's villas with entertainment to match in the surroundings like the hippodrome, casino and a number high-end hotels. Others ...Read more

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