Our Top Ten Free Date Ideas In London

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Thinking of an idea for a good date is tough enough on its own but all to often in London even a nice meal out can end up costing an arm and a leg, thankfully we've come up with ten great FREE dates you can go on all year round!

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  • Have an a-maze-ing time at Crystal Palace Park
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    Have an a-maze-ing time at Crystal Palace Park

    Crystal Palace Park is home to a number of cute features to explore on your date. If your date takes a fancy to the prehistoric, the park has 33 full sized dinosaur models which were installed by a fossil expert in 1894. We all know one of the most important things to know about any potential partner is their views on the Megalosaurus (if it worked for the couple in Jurassic Park why not you?) If for some reason your date isn't interested in Paleontology then you can zig zag through London's largest maze and have a race to the middle. If dinosaurs and mazes aren't enough to keep your date excited then nothing will!

  • Let your romance Bud at London's Sky Garden
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    Let your romance Bud at London's Sky Garden

    London's Sky Garden is 155m up and has spectacular views of the city and its skyline. Best of all its completely free, all you have to do is book in a visit for yourself and your date. Laid out over three floors the public space houses a range of richly planted terraces which means the views are spectacular inside and out. Make sure you head up to the roof terrace as well on London's highest public garden. If you do have a bit of money to spend then the park has a number of restaurants and bars where you can soak in the views with a meal or cocktail.

  • Add some colour to your day with a street art walk
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    Add some colour to your day with a street art walk

    London has a vibrant creative arts scene which spills over into the streets with some incredible murals and graffiti. For something a bit trendier than traipsing around a classic gallery head to Shoreditch or Bethnal Green to see the stomping ground where artists like Banksy cut their teeth. With a keen eye you and your date will be able to spot some iconic pieces of art and if you're bold enough bring some supplies and have a go yourself. Just make sure no-one from the council is watching!

  • Have a Vantastic time at House of Vans
    © Andrea De Martin/123RF
    Have a Vantastic time at House of Vans

    The House of Vans is the headquarters of the London based streetwear brand. Located in what used to be the Old Vic Tunnels below Waterloo station the complex even has its own skatepark that offers free lessons, but if nailing a kickflip isn't one of your date's ambitions there's a plethora of other freebies on offer. The underground venue is also home to its own art gallery with regular exhibitions and also has its own stage for free live gigs, make sure you get tickets early because they sell out quickly though! Finally if you want to go on the granddaddy of all dates there's a cinema with free showings throughout the week where you can cuddle up an watch a cult classic together.

  • Show some glass at the London Glassblowing Studio
    © Joshua Rainey/123RF
    Show some glass at the London Glassblowing Studio

    At the London Glassblowing Studio visitors are welcome to come and watch as beautiful, delicate glass pieces are designed and made before your eyes. The studio has ten different artists who all demonstrate their own unique style and have been trained for a minimum of 4 years before they're allowed to make their own pieces. Once you've seen the magic in action you can browse through the incredibly detailed creations that the studio has produced in its workshop. Taking a piece home certainly isn't free but it's a fascinating visit regardless for any date interested in the craftsmanship that goes into the glass.


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