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    Khor Kalba Laguna - United Arab Emirates

    Grapheast/Graph East Computers Royalty Free The lagoon of Khor Kalba

    The lagoon of Khor Kalba

    Here, the landscape is dominated by mangroves home to many rare birds like the kingfisher.

    Discover Khor Kalba Laguna

    The Khor Kalba Laguna is home to the most ancient red mangroves in the UAE. You can see various bird species, some extremely rare, such as the Russian tree-warblers or the white necked kingfisher.

    AGEFotostock Khor Kalba Laguna, UAE

    Khor Kalba Laguna, UAE

    To the south of Fujairah, one of tbe seven emirates, the nature reserve of Khor Kalba Laguna is worth visiting.