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    United Kingdom - Reasons to go

    • © Silvio Severino / age fotostock

      England, United Kingdom

    United Kingdom in pictures + England

    • England

      Just in the same way as England is not limited to London, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland spreads beyond travel to England alone. From Scotland down to the Channel Islands, from Ireland to Wales, laze around in the romantic countryside and the charming towns rich in history, but never leave your umbrella too far away! Having said that the sun can sometimes make a guest appearance when you least expect it. Bed and breakfasts should be your lodging of choice and always try and get a quick pint in at your local; this will tell you a lot about the area you're in. Within the five territories, each as different as they are engaging, you'll discover a unique population, culture, history and setting to be discovered over the course of several trips.
      Discover England

    United Kingdom - The essential to visit

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