Tatiana Popova
Playa de las Americas (Spain) From 13/12/2015 to 19/12/2015
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    Playa de las Americas: Weather forecast in October

    In October, Tenerife really lives up to its reputation of being the island of eternal spring. Average temperatures stay between 19°C at night and 26°C during the day. Even though the rain makes a return, showers are light with only four days of rain throughout the month. The temperature of the sea remains at 23°C and the rate of sunshine is still good with seven hours of sun per day. Playa de las Americas therefore receives an excellent weather comfort index score of 85/100 in October.

    The weather prediction service in Playa de las Americas is based on a calculation which takes into account historic data from the last 10 years, as well as predictions based on certain criteria such as air temperature, humidity, water temperature, wind speed and sunshine.

    Prepare your things now for your stay by taking a look at the weather predictions for Playa de las Americas.

    • Temperature
    • Bad weather
    • Sunbathing
    • Swimming
    • Wind
    • Humidity

    The weather is rated on a scale from 0 to 100, with the worst weather conditions ranging between 0 and 19 and the best ranging above 79.
    The overall weather comfort index is:

    • Excellent (Rating between 80% and 100%)
    • Good (Rating between 60% and 79%)
    • Average (Rating between 40% and 59%)
    • Bad (Rating between 20% and 39%)
    • Very bad (Rating between 0% and 19%)

    Practical advice for a stay in Playa de las Americas:

    • Light clothing during the day
    • Long sleeves for the night and evenings
    • A good suncream and sunglasses

    Weather forecast Playa de las Americas in october

    • From 02/10/2016 to 08/10/2016 88% Excellent 100%94%64%80%82%70%
    • From 09/10/2016 to 15/10/2016 87% Excellent 100%94%64%78%82%72%
    • From 16/10/2016 to 22/10/2016 86% Excellent 98%94%64%76%76%72%
    • From 23/10/2016 to 29/10/2016 82% Excellent 96%92%58%70%70%72%
    • From 30/10/2016 to 04/11/2016 79% Good 92%94%54%64%62%72%
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