Discover Ajjer's cave paintings. Algeria

The mysterious cave engravings and paintings of Tassili Ajjer, in the region of Djanet are both ancient and exceptionally precious to Algeria's heritage. Some of the cave paintings here are 8 000 years old , but most of are 5 000 years old. They depict the lives of those who lived in the region at a time when the Sahara was still wooded and crossed by several rivers. There are shepherds leading their flocks, hippopotami hunters...a real insight into tribal life.

  • Ajjer's cave paintings. , Algeria
    The cave paintings of Ajjer

    The numerous cave paintings found in the mountains in Tassili National Park are a reminder that the Sahara was once fertile and green.

    ©Gil Giuglio
  • Ajjer's cave paintings. , Algeria
    The Tassili n'Ajjer

    The site was designated a Biosphere Reserve in the Man and the Biosphere Programme in 1986 and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982.

    ©Gil Giuglio
  • Ajjer's cave paintings. , Algeria
    Thousand year old engravings

    Some of the paintings and engravings date from the first millennium BC and are still completely visible.

    ©Gil Giuglio
  • Ajjer's cave paintings. , Algeria
    They bear stunning testimony of the past.

    Pastor-painters recorded all of the fauna from the Neolithic Era. These paintings date from the beginning of this era, that of the hunters.

    ©Gil Giuglio
  • Ajjer's cave paintings. , Algeria
    Fauna and everyday life.

    There are many depictions of the daily life, ethnic diversities and fauna of the period.

    ©Gil Giuglio
  • Ajjer's cave paintings. , Algeria
    Always full of life

    The Tassili n'Ajjer mountain range has always been a refuge for humans and animals. It is currently inhabited by the Kel Ajjer Tuaregs, Saharan aoudads and gazelles.

    ©Gil Giuglio
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