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Algeria has a Mediterranean climate in the north and a Saharan climate in the the south, as the such the vegitation is considerably varied between the north and the south. In the North of the country, you will find cedars, pines, briars, arbutus trees and several species of oak trees such as the cork oaks or zen oaks. The tablelands are covered with esparto grass, also called Spart and used in manufacturing ropes and espadrilles. The Saharan Atlas on the other hand has cypress, terebinths, palms and arbutus trees and the Sahara itself is mainly home to acacias and olive trees.

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    The Sahara

    Southern Algeria is the gateway to the Sahara Desert. There are only a few species that can survive in this arid climate.

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    The Sahara Desert covers around 85% of Algeria. The geography in the southern part of the country alternates between lunar and volcanic landscapes and plains of stone and sand.

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    Green olives

    Olives are one of the most popular products in Algerian cuisine. They can be used in all sorts of dishes and are presented in different forms.

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    Dates are a speciality in Algeria and can often be found in the cuisine, especially in the pastries.

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