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Music is a very important part of Algerian life. Algerian music is difficult to put into just one genre, and the type of music will vary from region to region. Amongst several others you have Arabic-Andalusian music and its derivative the Malouf, Bedouin song, Tuareg music of Tamanrasset and Djanet regions, Ch‚abi, Rai most loved by youngsters, Kabylia music or popular poetry sung in the Aures.

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    The Sebiba: a Tuareg festival

    As the men dance, the women sing the 'Tisseouay' and play the tambourine.

    © ©Gil Giuglio
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    The Djanet oasis

    The Sebiba Festival takes place in the oasis of Djanet and is the ideal event for getting to know the Tuareg culture.

    © ©Gil Giuglio
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    The importance of tradition

    The Sebiba takes place at the beginning of the year following the lunar calendar. This festival celebrates the peace pact between two tribes.

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    A warrior festival

    During the Sebiba, the men provoke and size each other up, brandishing their swords as if in a real battle.

    © ©Gil Giuglio
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    An unforgettable moment

    An extravaganza of music, colours and beautiful costumes and jewellery worn by the women, the Sebiba is a spectacular event that lasts several days.

    © ©Gil Giuglio
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    A spectacular festival

    The women rouse the men by singing war chants and clapping their hands.

    © ©Gil Giuglio
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