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In Algeria, pottery differs from one region to the next, meaning the work of each region is very varied. Though manufacturing processes are virtually the same, the result is always something different. In Kabylia for example you'll find red clay adorned with lots of different patterns. In the south of Adrar, you can find unusual shaped objects black in colour and extremely different from those produced in the north. Mount Nementcha pottery is usually made out of rose-coloured clay and decorated with brown drawings. Although it used to be the case that pottery was only exchanged between families, you can now find it on sale in most shops.

  • Pottery , Algeria

    Pottery is one of the symbols of Algeria's cultural heritage. It is extremely rich in patterns and decorations and its roots date back to ancient times.
  • Pottery , Algeria

    Couscous is unquestionably the most well-known Algerian dish outside of the country. There are numerous varieties of this speciality.
  • Pottery , Algeria

    A tajine designates both an object used in cooking and the dish that is made using it. Originating in Morocco, tajine is ideal for eating as a group.
  • Pottery , Algeria
    Artisanal crafts

    Artisanry is still very widespread in Algeria and even today many objects are still made by hand.

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