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The Roman ruins of Djemila, Timgad, Tipasa and Cherchell have been remarkably preserved and merit a proper visit. A trip to Tipasa, on the coastal road, 44 miles west of Algiers will mean both the discovery of the ruins there but also the chance to visit the beach. Djemila, 25 miles south-east of Sétif, is undoubtedly the most impressive site due to its mountain location. Timgad, east of Constantine, is worth visiting with the incredible architectural layout of this Roman town founded by the Trajan.

  • The theatre of Djemila, Roman ruins, Monuments, Algeria
    The theatre of Djemila

    Built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, the Roman theatre of Djemila in Kabylie is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  • Roman ruins , The site of Tipaza , Algeria
    Djemila the Beautiful

    Djemila, which in Arabic means 'the beautiful', is deserving of its name. Algeria is one of those countries where relics from the Roman Empire have been best preserved.

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  • Roman ruins , Tipaza , Algeria

    The ruins of Tipaza include two cemeteries, an amphitheatre and a Nymphaeum (port).

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  • Roman ruins , Vast archaeological sites , Algeria
    The site of Tipaza

    Located 43 miles from Algiers, the town of Tipaza serves as one of the most important witnesses of Roman domination in Maghreb.

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  • Roman ruins , Timgad , Algeria
    The Trajan Arch in Timgad

    Built by Emperor Trajan in 100 AD to resemble Rome, the beauty and majesty of Timbad still remains.

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  • Roman ruins , Djemila , Algeria

    Above all else, the town of Timgad is known for the remains of the Roman city of Thamugadi next to which it was built.

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