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In the M'Zab region, gateway to the Grand South, the Mozabites, Muslim puritans, have founded the holy cities of Beni Izguen, El Ateuf, Bou Noura, Melika and Gharda´a.

  • The M'Zab , M'Zab Valley in Gharda´a , Algeria
    The M'Zab valley


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  • The M'Zab , A view of the town of Ghard´a , Algeria
    A view of the town of Ghard´a

    A view of Ghard´a, in the middle of the oasis, the most visited town in M'Zab. To the right, the ksar of Ghard´a.

  • The M'Zab , The Ghard´a market , Algeria
    The Ghard´a market

    Ghard´a's market square is called 'Azghar Oughame', which means 'outside of the city'. The souk is a meeting place for the inhabitants of M'Zab.

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  • The M'Zab , Algeria
    M'Zab Valley in Gharda´a

    The Ghardaia oasis offers superb examples of medieval Arab architecture, and is listed as a Unesco's World Heritage site.

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