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Southern Algeria is home to a different types of wildlife such as gazelles, jerboas, sand cats, cheetahs, porcupines and lizards. Higher up, in the steep slopes of Hoggar you wil find audads. Large areas of water is where you will see the most mosquitoes, so be carefully not to get too heavily bitten. Here they are strangely less numerous than flies which, unfortunately will accompany you wherever you go. Northwards there is also striped hyenas, foxes, weasels, wild cats, hares, jackals and wild boars. The stump-tailed monkey prefers more foresty areas. In winter you will see birds flying, that have migrated from Europe. The rest of the year camels, horses and goats can be seen in large numbers.

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    The fauna of Algeria

    Algeria is home to 107 animal species, including 47 that are protected and 30 that are in danger of extinction.

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    The barb horse

    The barb is a very old equine species that takes its name from the Berbers of Morocco. It is found in all of the Maghreb countries.
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    Magot monkeys

    The Barbary Macaque originally comes from Morocco. The current number of macaques living in the wild in Morocco and Algeria is estimated at 20,000.
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    The Saharan Uromastyx

    The Saharan Uromastyx lives in northern and western Africa and in western Asia.
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    The Sub-Saharan cheetah

    A very rare and little-known species, the Sub-Saharan cheetah is currently in danger of extinction.

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