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Andorra : Discover the country's culture

Andorra : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

819: Charles the Great, after having granted independence to the local residents of the valley of Andorra in 792, sets the borders to the territory and a deal with the bishop of Urgel.
1278: the sovereignty of Andorra is shared by the bishop of Urgel and the count of Foix after the latter suffered military defeat from the count of Urgel (who wanted to annex Andorra by using military force). Andorra became a co-seigneury.
1866: institutional reform (nova reforma). Separation of administrative powers between the General Council and the parishes. On the agenda; modernity and democratisation.
1933: Political and social unrest lead to the organisation of an election. Men over 25 years have the right to vote.
1974: start of the process aimed to implement a new institutional reform.
1982: the first government of Andorra comes into function.
From 14 March 1993: Approbation by referendum of the new Constitution, under which the Principality was transformed into a state of law, democracy and social equality.
Today: The legislative, executive and judicial powers are completely separated, therefore allowing the country to join international organisations such as the UN and UNESCO.
Meanwhile, Andorra has established diplomatic relations with 72 countries.
The government is accountable for the elected parliament. The country is ruled by two co-princes who are automatically appointed, as one is the president of the French Republic and the other is the bishop of Urgell (a Spanish city). Despite its geographic location, Andorra is not a member of the European Union.

Andorra : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1 January: New Year's Day (shops and businesses are closed).
17 January: St Anthony's Day.
The beginning of March: Carnival.
14 March: Constitution Day (shops and businesses are closed).
8 May: Festival of Sant Miquel d'Engolasters.
27 May: Festival of Canolich.
24 June: Festival of Saint-Jean.
29 June: Saint Peter.
3rd and 4th of July: Festival of Rosaire d'Ordino.
5th and 7th August: Municipal festival of Andorra la Vella.
8 September: Notre Dame of Meritxell (shops and businesses are closed).
21 December: Saint Thomas.
25 December: Christmas (shops and businesses are closed).

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