Antigua and Barbuda

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Antigua and Barbuda is an archipelago, of which Antigua is the largest and most populated island. Those who wish to travel to Antigua and Barbuda will find 365 spectacular beaches, and a hot and tropical climate, with pleasant and constant temperatures all year round. The islands have become increasingly popular with a wealthy jet-setting cliente, offering high-class hotels and luxury shopping.
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Antigua and Barbuda: the key figures

Surface area : 442.0 km2

Population : 77500 inhabitants

  • A paradise for sailing.
  • An ideal climate, particularly when it is cold in Europe.
  • The high cost of living
  • Not much to visit

Antigua and Barbuda: what to visit?




The fauna

Antigua and Barbuda: what to buy?

Officially, the shops are open from 8.30am to 4.00pm from Monday to Saturday. However, in practice, the timetables differ according to the shops. Grocer's shops and supermarkets stay open late, sometimes until 10.00pm. Everything is closed on Sunday, apart from the "duty-free" areas of Heritage Quay and Redcliff Quay. And when a cruise-ship has docked, the shops open... even on Sunday! Saint-John's market is on Saturday.

Antigua and Barbuda: what to eat?

Local dishes include dried fish, and goat, fish or chicken stew. They can be tasted in the small restaurants of Saint-John's. And the island can be proud of having welcomed talented chefs who often offer traditional dishes from their countries together with their own gastronomic creations. Thus, excellent Caribbean, French, Italian and Indian restaurants can be found. The best restaurant on the island, "Chez Pascal", is at Galley Bay. Tasty local "Caribbean" cuisine can be eaten there. In the market, depending on the season, you can find mangoes, guavas, pineapples, oranges, papaya, and fruits from the bread fruit tree... And, of course, all the seafood.

Antigua and Barbuda: main cities

Antigua and Barbuda: what are the cultural particularities?

The islands have a distinctly Western and American influence, along with the presence of several off-shore banks. The contrast between rich and poor here, more than elsewhere, is shocking.

Steel (with huge steel drums) or reggae bands play at the week-end and during the carnival season.

Paintings by Antiguan and foreign artists settled in Antigua can be found on the island.

Antigua and Barbuda: travel tips

It is advisable to have a well-stuffed wallet to visit Antigua. The island lives off tourism and "off-shore" banking services. You will be tempted everywhere by the so-called "duty-free" shopping. Actually, the prices are quite often higher than elsewhere. (especially at the airport "duty-free" shop).
This island was made for sailing. Seen from the sea, it is superb. The boat penetrates bays and creeks of turquoise water, and you can bathe in paradisiac places. However, walking on the island provides few surprises. The English cut back the original vegetation to plant sugar cane that is no longer cultivated today, and has not been replaced by anything. The only place on the island where beautiful forests remain is Old Road in the South-West. The view from Shirley Heights should not be missed under any circumstances.

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