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Argentina : Discover the country's culture


Stories, essays:
'El Aleph' by Jorge Luis Borges.
'In Patagonia' by Bruce Chatwin.


Argentina, Lonely Planet Guide.


'Gracias a la Vida' by Mercedes Sosa.
'Volver' by Carlos Gardel (tango).
'Inconsciente Colectivo' by Charly Garcia (rock).
'Zamba de mi Esperanza' by los Chalchaleros (folklore).
'Music for Argentine guitar' Villadangos.
'Ceruti : Lima Mass', various composers (2000).
'Argentina Piano', Julian Aguirre (2000).
'Jairo canta Piazzola', Jairo (2003).
'Barrios de Buenos Aires', Tiro Berti (2003).
'Argentinian Flute and Guitars', Guillermo De La Roca & Musica Criolla (2001).
'Argentinian Rounds, Counting Rhymes and Lullabies', Jacinta (2002).

Argentina : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

1516: the Spaniard, Diaz de Solis, reached the Rio de la Plata.
1536: Pedro de Mendoza founded Buenos Aires.
1776: the Spanish viceroyalty of la Plata was created.
25 May 1810: a Creole junta proclaimed independence and took over the government of Buenos Aires.
1876-1879: the conquest of Patagonia.
1880-1914: there is a surge in the economy that is totally dependent on foreign countries (notably due to the massive export of meat).
1929: military conservatives take power.
1943: a military junta, lead by Juan Domingo Perón, overthrows President Ramon Castillo.
1946-1955: Perón is President. A populist regime reigns, based on 'justicialism'.
1955-1973: the takeover by a military junta causes a permanent crisis.
1973-1974: Perón becomes President for a second time.
1976: a new military junta comes to power and imposes a oppressive regime.
1982: Argentina loses against England in its reconquest of the Falkland Islands.
1983: civilians returned to power with President Raul Alfonsín.
May 1989: the beginning of the Presidency of Carlos Saul Menem, a wave of privatisations and a huge economic crisis.
December 1999: the radical Fernando de la Rua is elected President.
End 2001: a serious economic crisis.
December 2001: the congress of a country in crisis elected Adolfo Rodriguez Saŕ as new Head of State.
January 2002: Eduardo Duhalde, a Peronist, is elected President by Congress.
May 2003: Nestor Kirchner is elected President of the Republic.

Argentina : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1st January: New Year's Day.
February-March: Festival of Tango in Buenos Aires.
2 April: Falkland Islands Day.
10 March: Good Friday.
1st May: Labour Day.
25 May: National Bank Holiday, celebration of the creation of Argentina.
18 June: National Flag Day.
9 July: Celebration of Independence.
20 August: Anniversary of the death of General San Martin.
15 October: Americas Discovery Day.
8 December: Celebration of the Immaculate Conception.
25 December: Christmas Day.

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