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Sea life Argentina
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Sea life

In this rather inhospitable area, you can see elephant seals, Magellanic penguins, southern right whales (from mid-September to December) and eared seals. The natural reserve of the Valdès peninsula, located on the Atlantic coast, welcomes more than 400 of these sea mammals coming here to breed between mid-July and mid-December. The hot currents from Brazil explain why the location is so comfortable and attracts such a variety of species.

Sea life

Sea life , A penguin , Argentina
A penguin

You can see many animals in their natural habitat in this reserve.

© Christian Heinrich
Sea life , Argentina
A seagull

Thousands of birds migrate to the Peninsula Valdez every year, and especially to Bird Island in the San José Gulf.

© Easyvoyage.com
Sea life , Argentina
Sea lions on an Argentinian beach

Every year, sea lions reproduce in the Peninsula Valdez. It is possible to see them on the beaches between December and January.

© Easyvoyage.com
Sea life , Argentina
A seal

Many different species of seals and elephant seals live in the Caleta Valdez.

© Easyvoyage.com
Sea life , A whale , Argentina
A whale

It is possible to see whales in Argentina, especially in the gulf of the Peninsula Valdez.

© Joanne Stone / 123RF
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