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The gauchos Argentina
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The gauchos

The myth of the gaucho is perpetuated in the provinces. Initially, the gaucho was a mixture of Indian and Spanish who lived on the edges of society. Until the end of the 19th century, he guarded his flocks over the immense deserted plains of the Pampas and scorned the law and borders. As in America, the arrival of the great landowners and barbed wire curbed this liberty.

The gauchos

The gauchos , South American cowboys , Argentina
South American cowboys

From Brazil to Patagonia, the gauchos tend to their cattle on horseback. The gaucho culture is still very present in these regions.

Alamer / age fotostock
The gauchos , Argentina
Gaucho clothing

The gauchos wear baggy trousers, a hat and a scarf around the neck. They also wear spurs and a knife on their belt.

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The gauchos , The reputation of the gauchos , Argentina
The reputation of the gauchos

In the 17th century, the gauchos were considered horse thieves and vagabonds.

Kobby Dagan
The gauchos , The gauchos' freedom , Argentina
The gauchos' freedom

In 1856, the Argentinian government decided to sell Argentinian land. This lead to a great loss of freedom for the gauchos.

Kobby Dagan
The gauchos , The gaucho's lasso , Argentina
The gaucho's lasso

The gauchos are never apart from their knife, their lasso and their calabash filled with yerba mate.

Alamer / age fotostock
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