• Adelaide is one of the Australian cities with the greatest area of green spaces.
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    The rural city

    Adelaide is one of the Australian cities with the greatest area of green spaces.

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Located between the waters of the Gulf St. Vincent and the Mount Lofty Ranges, Adelaide is perhaps the most authentic of the large Australian cities. It is situated in a spacious and elegant setting, and its one million inhabitants live at quite a different pace than the other Australian metropolises. This city abounds in numerous green spaces with pedestrian footpaths and is often called "the city in the country". So, you can walk in the Universal Food Market, where the products are of excellent quality, to the Adelaide Oval, the most beautiful cricket stadium in the world, passing by the zoo, the North Terrace and the Botanic Garden. The colonial architecture has been preserved: take a trip to the Library, the Museum and the Fine Arts Museum. The National Institute of Aborigine Culture and the National Wine Centre are also interesting places to visit. Step by step, you will discover a convivial and relaxing atmosphere. Adelaide offers a considerable variety of culinary tastes from all over the world, distributed over more than 700 restaurants. Finally, more than 600 pubs offer an intense nightlife.
Adelaide is also the town for cyclists. The Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under takes place every year since 1999 and attracts an increasing number of professionals. Various cycling tracks are provided for cycling lovers.

Adelaide: what to do?

There are different ways to visit the region, including four major tours. Firstly, the Ghan train, which links Adelaide to Darwin, a two-day journey. Then, the "Explorer's Way": departing from Adelaide to Darwin but by crossing the Outback via a road. As for the "Great Ocean Road", this is one of the longest coastal roads in the world. As its name suggests, it passes through towns and villages along the Australian coast. Finally, another coastal road allows the link between Nullarbor and Perth, notably by passing the "Clare Valley" wine-growing region and Eyre Peninsula.

"The Museum of South Australia and its two parts : cultural history and natural history.
The Tandanya Multicultural Centre and its exhibitions are renewed regularly. Do not forget to take a tour on Kangaroo Island, which has 18 national parks and natural reserves."

  • The breathtaking scenery
  • The fauna and flora
  • Large distances

Adelaide: what to visit?



During your trip to Australia, plan a minimum period of 15 days in the country, even though it would take a lot longer to see everything... As for the weather, know that the seasons are reversed in Australia compared to those in Europe. Our winter is our summer and vice versa.

To avoid

Avoid leaving for the continent during the school holidays in Australia, as prices will rise.

Adelaide: what to eat?

In Australia, you can taste all types of cuisine from around the globe. Remember that the national tradition is the barbecue. By the way, grilled Australian beef is a delight.

Adelaide: what to buy?

There are three things for you to bring back home in your suitcases : Aboriginal pieces of art, sports articles, especially for surfers, and opals. Moreover the area that looks after 70% of the world's opals, is located in South Australia. It is called Coober Pedy. You can find it on the road of the ""Explorer's Way"".

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