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Discover Kangaroo Island Australia

Located off the coast of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia after Tasmania and Melville Island. Measuring 93 mi long and 35 mi wide, the capital of the island is a small friendly town called Kingscote. It is possible to reach it by boat (around 45 min leaving from Cape Jervis) or by plane (25 min from Adelaide). Kangaroo Island is still one of the few places in the world where the inhabitants do not lock their doors at night and leave their car keys in the ignition.
The island brings together a large number of animal species, like the kangaroo (in the tens of thousands), the wallaby, the koala (25,000 specimens, introduced in 1927) and the pygmy penguin. It is even home to one of the most venomous snakes in the world, the black tiger snake. The island's 310 mi of coastline harbour picture postcard beaches like Stokes Bay in the north. After going through a small passage dug in the rock, you will be greeted with a breathtaking landscape. In the east of the island, the Remarkable Rocks are a cluster of granite boulders. In the south, the Seal Bay Visitor Centre makes it possible to observe sea lions in their natural habitat. These impressive mammals are able to spend their days here happily thanks to the bay being protected. One third of the island is protected by national parks. Before entering them, it is mandatory to clean your shoes so as not to contaminate the ground with microscopic mushrooms brought in from outside.

  • Kangaroo Island , Australia
    Kangaroo Island

    The island was named by explorer Matthew Flinders.

    © Martin Ruegner / age fotostock
  • Kangaroo Island , Australia
    Stokes Bay

    This beach is popular with surfers when the wind picks up.

    © Emilie Jusot / Easyvoyage
  • Kangaroo Island , Sea lions , Australia
    Sea lions

    It is possible to see sea lions on the beach of Seal Bay.

    Lev Kropotov / 123RF
  • Kangaroo Island , Australia
    The hedgehog

    Hedgehogs are not native to Australia

    © Emilie Jusot / Easyvoyage
  • Kangaroo Island , Australia

    On the roads of Kangaroo Island, you will come across various recycled items now used as postboxes.

    © Emilie Jusot / Easyvoyage
  • Kangaroo Island , Australia

    Koalas were introduced by humans on the island in 1923.

    © Emilie Jusot / Easyvoyage
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