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With their carpets of green and their outlines battered by the winds, the landscapes of Tasmania evoke certain regions of Ireland or of the United Kingdom, with the difference that green here is the colour of eucalyptus trees and of dense and deep forests. Located south of the State of Victoria, Tasmania has a colder climate than the continent. With an average of 21C, the month of February is the most suitable for hiking and rafting (however, equip yourselves with rainproof clothes).

  • Tasmania , Freycinet National Park, Tasmania , Australia
    Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

    A hiker looks down over Wineglass Bay from Mount Amos

    Ben Goode / 123RF
  • Tasmania , Rainforest and dunes, Tasmania , Australia
    Rainforest and dunes, Tasmania

    Here the rainforest meet Henty Dunes, which can reach 40 metres in height

    Ianwool / 123RF
  • Tasmania , Mount Oakleigh, Tasmania , Australia
    Mount Oakleigh, Tasmania

    The mountain is seen here from the Overland Track in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park

    Wolfgang Handl / age fotostock
  • Tasmania , Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park , Australia
    Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park

    As well as these famous falls, the park also boasts some of the tallest trees in the world

    Gerhard Zwerger-Schon / age fotostock
  • Tasmania , Stanley, Tasmania , Australia
    Stanley, Tasmania

    A tiny village in northwestern Tasmania, Stanley is known for 'The Nut', an old volcanic plug which it is possible to climb up

    ImageSource/ Age Fotostock
  • Tasmania , Dove Lake, Tasmania , Australia
    Dove Lake, Tasmania

    There is a 4 mile calking circuit right around the lake

    Ianwool / 123RF
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