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The Aborigines

By Dmitry Petrounin Dmitry Petrounin Section editor Profile

Discover The Aborigines

In Australia, it is above all the culture of the "native people", the Aborigines, which arouses most interest in travellers. After having been persecuted for a long time, the Aborigine people, although not returning to their rightful place, are gradually managing to assert their identity in Australian society. As well as traditional items, such as the boomerang and didjeridoo (a wind instrument made out of a eucalyptus branch), Aborigine artists also produce traditional works (paintings on bark and sculptures representing "dreams") as well as plays, ballets or contemporary music.

The Aborigines

The Aborigines , Aboriginal hunting , Australia
Aboriginal hunting

The "Bush Tucker" or Man of the Tribe is responsible for harvesting and hunting.

© Corbis / age fotostock
The Aborigines , Cave paintings , Australia
Cave paintings

The Aborigines left behind a large number of cave paintings, especially in Carnavan National Park.

© Marina Bolow / 123RF
The Aborigines , The Tjapukai Aborigines , Australia
The Tjapukai Aborigines

Tjapukai is about 15 mintues away from the city of Cairns.

© Ilia Torlin / 123RF
The Aborigines , Painting with dirt , Australia
Painting with dirt

The Aborigines used paint made of dirt to create images.

© Colin Coomber / 123RF
The Aborigines , The paintings at Kakadu National Park , Australia
The paintings at Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park appears on the UNESCO World Heritage list for both its cultural and natural value.

© Nico Smit / 123RF