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Things to see in Australia

  • Australia
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Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Australia

The fauna

You will notice at the airport that the Australian customs are very strict about the import of food and products that could introduce species that could be detrimental to the local fauna and flora. It must be admitted that Australia still has a considerable number of endemic species: kangaroo and other marsupials, flowers, birds... and is a real paradise for ecotourism, without mentioning the aquatic species. Today, Australia shelters around 40 million kangaroos, and almost 25,000 different flowers have been classified there (as opposed to 17,500 in Europe).


You will soon realise that a week is simply not enough time to take in all the beautiful landscapes and diverse, varied vegetation.

Activities and leisure

Known for its magnificent landscapes and excellent quality of life, Australia is a country brimming with activities for travellers. While sports lovers can spend their time surfing the waves, those who prefer to relax can bask in the sun on one of Australia's many beaches. One thing's for certain, you'll never run out of things to do here!

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