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The Austrian taste for ceremony encouraged the blooming of the baroque style. This artistic school weighs down the palaces and official buildings with gilding and lining, to the delight of the visitors. Primitive baroque (which appeared in 1620) concerns religious architecture: it is more sober than the high baroque that succeeded it from 1680. One century later, the late baroque gradually permeated the French rococo. If you would like to discover all the subtleties of this grandiloquent art, do not hesitate to take the baroque route from Salzburg to Vienna.

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    Baroque art

    This school of art had palaces and official buildings groaning under the weight of gilding and panelling.

    © Krzysztof Nahlik / 123RF
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    The dome of the Salzburg Cathedral

    You can admire the paintings and geometry of the beautiful dome in this cathedral dedicated to St. Rupert.

    © Markus Gann / age fotostock
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    The stucco façade of this baroque-style house can be seen in Innsbruck's Old Town.

    © Hans Eder / age fotostock
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    Melk Abbey

    This Benedictine Abbey standing above the town of Melk is the work of architect Jakob Prandtauer.

    © Hans Eder / age fotostock
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    St. Jacob's Cathedral

    This cathedral was built at the beginning of the 18th century and is a beautiful example of the baroque style.

    © ZoonarL Matrisch / age fotostock
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    Schönbrunn Palace

    Dating from the 17th century and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this palace is the most visited site in Vienna.

    © ZOONAR GMBH LBRF / age fotostock
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