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Fauna Austria
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Fauna

The chamois, marmots and ibexes share the mountain slopes, while the spoonbills, storks, purple herons and long-eared bats prefer the reed beds of the Pannonia. The national park of the Hohe Tauern also shelters ibexes, chamois, marmots and golden eagles. Another species to observe: the griffon vultures that glide around the sky in summer. Another species of carrion-eater, the bearded vultures used to meet in the Hohe Tauern; at present, attempts are being made to reintroduce them.


Fauna , Austria
A heron in full flight

The heron is recognisable by its S-shaped neck.

© Christian Lehner / age fotostock
A decorated cow in the Tyrol, Fauna, The fauna and flora, Austria
A decorated cow in the Tyrol

Cows are often decorated and used in parades during the traditional festivals in Tyrol.

© foottoo / 123RF
Fauna , Austria
The eagle

The name 'eagle' groups together 38 bird species in the Accipitridae family. Eagles are large birds of prey; this one seems to be staking out its next meal.

© Marcel Schauer / age fotostock
Fauna , Austria
A couple of marmots

This mammal in the rodent family often hides in the rocks in the mountains.

© James White / age fotostock
Fauna , Austria
A race between male ibexes

The horns of an adult male can grow up to 1 metre long.

© ZoonarHelge Schulz / age fotostock
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