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Represented by manufacturers with a long tradition of savoir-faire, Austrian glassware is involved in several fields: crockery, of course, with glasses, cups, dishes, hors d'oeuvres dishes and ramekins. Decorative items, such as vases, statuettes, miniature replicas of animals, cars or planes. Optics, supplying lenses for a number of precision apparatus, binoculars, telescopes and astronomical telescopes. Finally art, in a museum that is unlike any other, and was opened by the Swarovski company (our photo). Located in Wattens, in the Tyrol, this exhibition place exalts crystal in all its aspects, in a trip through several rooms with inlaid panels containing decor forming quite beautiful oniric scenes.

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    Crystal chandelier

    The Swarovski company in Wattens in Tyrol showcases crystal in all its forms throughout several rooms.

    © Ron Zmiri / age fotostock
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    The giant Kristallwelten

    Swarovski Crystal World was opened in 1995 and this incredible site in Tyrol has already had 10 million visitors.

    © Martin Bobrovsky / age fotostock
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    Crystal, an Austrian luxury

    Swarovski is the crystal specialist of Austria as Baccarat is to France.

    © Michael Felix / age fotostock
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    The work of jewellers and goldsmiths

    Lighting up the chandelier highlights the quality of the crystal and creates amazing reflections.

    © Ron Zmiri / age fotostock
  • Glassware , Austria
    Crystal, a work of art

    The Swarovski centre of Tyrol is a veritable crystal museum where you can see this mineral in all its forms.

    © Martin Bobrovsky / age fotostock
  • Glassware , Austria
    The crystal dome

    This incredible crystal dome is one of the splendours of this one-of-a-kind museum.

    © Martin Bobrovsky / age fotostock
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